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Hey Everyone,

I'm Claudio, 19 year old living in Sweden. Thanks to staying subscribed to Kids Ranqe now being Sv3rige/Gatis I discovered many things over the past years. Been following him for a while now, since I'm blocked for some reason on his Youtube I thought it's time to register on his forums. Thanks to Gatis for having a forum where we can discuss anything without being censored.

How I see the world;
Considering most people here come from Gatis I would assume people share his views & opinions. I don't see everything the same way he does, because I believe that to some extent there's been governments for the people(will probably post about this tomorrow in Truth section). I believe doctors help you to a certain extent(illnesses), we have dentists who help you and not all food we are being fed is to make us suffer(because it's extremely inefficient way to kill us, if they wanted we'd already be dead). 

That's it from me, if you have any questions ask away.
Welcome. It sounds like you will enjoy it here.
I don't know you but I hardly ever block anybody except if they are really annoying... anyway welcome.
WELCOME!!!!!! Big Grin I'm from Finland. Wink
Welcome Smile
I like your attitude.