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Emo (Emotive Hardcore Punk Rock) is the genre that came after Hardcore Punk Rock, established in 1985 with bands such as: Rites Of Spring, One Last Wish, The Hated and Embrace.
The sound is often described as a more mature version of hardcore, 2 minute songs made place for 3 or more minutes, topics changed from wide themes into the problems of the artists in their everyday life (this is also a reason why it's called Emotive Hardcore Punk Rock) and the overall sound was more laid back instead of fast and aggressive all the time. In comparison to the original Hardcore, Emo is easier to relate to because of the topics that are bound to the artists instead of to society (Common in Hardcore.)

To get an idea of the sound I recommend you to listen to the following:
Evolution Of Emo
It only helps you think though, unlike what is said in the video Music.
Rites Of Spring - For Want Of is the first emo song I heard, what about you?

Seeing as this is The Great Emo Topic I didn't make a new thread.
Probably a song by The Saddest Landscape. That's what Gatis gave me when I told him the band Senses Fail makes ''screamo'' haha.

Good times.
That's hard to remember now.
The first 2 screamo bands were Louise Cyphre and La Quiete. It could have also been for want of.
I actullay found out about Orchid and Pg.99 from finnish Wikipedia lol. I checked out Orchid first then Pg.99, those were the first 2 screamo bands for me. 3 new polemarch songs of their upcoming LP! hopefully it's not shit!
edit: 1 is on youtube
Orchid and Saetia are the first two screamo bands i listen to.
As I mentioned a thousand times, Louise Cyphre is the first Screamo band I have listened to.
Do you remember how you found out about Louise Cyphre?
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