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The Third Reich - Kosmx - 01-28-2017

People when they think about "Nazi Germany" they think of evil, cruel beings. I see this so much nowadays, people using Nazi Germany as term for evil(word nazi too). You can see this everywhere, in Youtube, Real Life, Discussions. Even today if you have a political view that's not politically correct you would probably be called a "Nazi". Most of us are taught to believe Hitler was an evil man, how he did countless of atrocities, killed millions of innocents, occupation of Austria etc. But I have to tell you that you've been told lies your whole life, in fact Germany was the opposite of all that that we've been told. We all have been BRAINWASHED.
History is written by the victors. - Winston Churchill

There's actually a reason we are being told this, it's very obvious once you start getting deep into the bottom of everything. Even events of the current day are still influenced by the loss of Germany. George S. Patton, the officer that commanded the U.S. army into victory even said himself "We defeated the wrong enemy - George S. Patton" after the war. It ended with him getting assassinated shortly after. 

Hitler fought a war against the Zionist/Globalist Jews which you can see today rule the world. The world bank, Bank of England, Santander, Bank of America, HSBC, American Express, US Federal reserve system, Deutsche Bank, Universal Music Group, Sony, Music, Warner Music Group, Google, Facebook,  Hollywood, Newspapers and in general all media is controlled by them.

The media is controlled by the Zionist Jews and this is why they have been pushing this agenda to make everyone believe that Hitler is evil, when he was not. He was one who realised what was going on and tried to stop this. He realised that specially the Jewish bankers were abusing the German Citizens into an infinite debt cycle and that's what he did. He banned all Jewish banks in Germany which led him into war as soon as he got into power (

What if I told you the Holocaust is a myth? Well it mostly is. Hitler never had a hate against Jews, he even had around 50,000 Jews fight for him his own army. We never had any mention of gas chambers until after the war which probably means they were built after the war. This is all to have more accusations against Germany. Even in many countries today it's ILLEGAL to deny the holocaust, why would this even be the case if it was 100% true? 

This might be hard for most of you to believe in, but it's expected as you've been born to believe he was evil. But trust me once you do your own research you will actually see how he was the opposite of that. I recommend you all to watch "The Greatest Story Never Told" which explains most of this in detail. Sadly most of this is banned in certain countries (Germany), but this is obviously because they don't want people to discover the truth. There are certain ways to get around this as usage of proxies. I will probably get falsely accused but do me a favour and look at the proof yourself. I have done probably hundreds of hours reading about this, and to me the truth is so clear. I encourage you to do the same.

I hope I can change the mind of some of you, maybe some day we'll stop them from controlling our world.

Feel free to ask any questions, I am pretty sure I can give an answer to everything.

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RE: The Third Reich - Sv3rige - 01-29-2017

I also beliieve that there's a lot of lies surrounding the whole thing, especially the holocaust but overall I see it differently. A few points:
- I don't believe that in the last few thousand years you could get in "power" without being part of the "NWO." I also don't believe that the people we see are in control anyway, those are only puppets/actors. We are supposed to blame them.
- I'm glad Germany isn't like that anymore. Intolerance, uniforms, worshipping man-made ideas, slaves all around.
- The nazi symbol really refers to the black sun - SS - Schwarze Sonne. It's clear that they knew about the flat earth etc. and none of these so-called leaders care to share any of it with the public. Essnetially just another man-made system of control.
- There's tons of people involved in this whole thing, jews are only a small part of it. We are supposed to blame it all on them, possibly Israel will be destroyed and many will celebrate that.