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What is going on right now?
04-26-2014, 06:45 AM,
RE: What is going on right now?
I'm probably dead as well, since I don't post very much.

Anyway, world war three is coming up, and I do feel that war probably is the dumbest thing to engage in, but there are actually some good things that can come with war. What may happen in a war, is that people start thinking about things, instead of going to work every day. I know people who simply don't have the time to think of certain things, and just go along, year after year, without wondering what sort of system they're working for. A lot of middle age people probably have a hard time imagining anything but what they've been told their entire lives. They've been brought up not to think. If the teacher says it, it's so. If the book says it, it's so.

I wish not only young people, but older people as well, could start thinking and working things out. What is money? Is there a natural law that says that I need to have a job? Things like that. In a war, they might realise that their job was not really essential for their survival. That what they desire in life isn't a paycheck. That the elected parties don't represent them. That they were born into a prison.

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