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Crazy Ideas
06-14-2014, 07:53 AM,
Crazy Ideas
This thread is meant for all the crazy ideas we get on how to better things or benefit from something etc, anything you yourself see as a "crazy idea" you just got.

I wanted to make this because I get so many of these myself but don't always have someone to share them with.
06-14-2014, 07:17 PM,
RE: Crazy Ideas
I'll share some stuff from my notebook (I don't agree with some of these ideas anymore, this is just a stream of consciousness):

- Why do I have a speech impediment and an inability to look people in the eyes.

- Schizophrenics have amazing imagination skills, they would rather create their own reality then live in such an unfair one.

- Why do fruit ripen after a frost?

- Stars consume matter (asteroids plannets etc) and they act as a node in nothingness, they can turn into black-holes which increase their matter consumption rates as a node.

- The aim of the game in natural objects is the changing of things (complexity formation). Radical channge of existence should be welcomed and embraced. Our society produces anxiety about this however.

- Cultural expectations and how that grabs hold of you into the "community" of your area. Following fashion, sports, watching the news, TV, radio, movies etc. Pointless shit that no one is passionate on an individual level.

- Language is trying to manifest itself into reality (DNA/genes are a language)

- For the enzymes in saliva to initiate production, is there a hormone signal from the tongue to the brain then back into the mouth? Or does it react in the mouth.

"If you ask to many questions people won't pay attention to what questions you're asking"
- This was very eye opening to me, concerning to say the least.

- What path do you take in life? Follow your curiosity with dedication? Or pursue a certain talent?

- Rich people and capitalism in general are examples of an idea gone wrong (rotted/rusted/no more juice to give). There were systems before and there will be new ones after.

- I grew up in the hills with headphones in my ears.
Smoke durries, eat curries.

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