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06-16-2014, 11:08 PM,
So i went outside in my garden last night and decided to look at the sky for a bit as there were spots of clouds quickly traveling by as the wind was blowing them. Whilst i was doing this it made me realise how small and insignificant i am compared to the sky above me, similarly like an ant compared to a human but worse. So i was looking at the sky in fear until i noticed the stars. I started focusing on them for a few seconds until i saw a star swiftly glide through the sky into another star and then glide out of it and travel away. I didnt really know what to think but now i can understand this star subliminal i see everywhere. There are technologies us humans have no clue about and many people within our population that are with these beings or whatever they are. Anyway straight after i saw that the sky was fully covered by clouds so i couldnt see them anymore and, maybe, they couldnt see me anymore. But the internet and all communication systems are their tools so there is a chance they can read this :o but im not scared of them ^^
Know your enemy, dont believe lies

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