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08-13-2016, 03:48 AM,
A thread about art in general.

I dont really know much about the subject and would like to learn and here from you guys opinions on this topic. 
What makes something art? When did it stART? More questions to be answered but thats a vague idea of what i wanna know. 
Back then i didnt really care for art or at least didnt appreciate it as much as today. Back then i would do drawings based on pictures on stickers and other stuff. Then that all vanished and  till recently when i got deeply into music i decided to look more into art in general.
08-14-2016, 06:00 PM,
RE: Art
Art is:
To remind the audience of the spiritual worlds.
To praise the beauty of creation.
To show what is suppressed.
To inspire the people.
You are your own future, you write your own book,
you choose the colors of your world, you choose the patterns of your words,
the past you can't erase so live for today.
After Words - Looking Back

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