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Mental Illness Experience
03-07-2017, 11:49 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-19-2017, 08:00 PM by Sv3rige.)
Star  Mental Illness Experience
Part 1:
  • So sick, and so young

A little about my past and the beginning of everything (I summarized, I will not delve into my person, just some interesting information from the past to understand why my health is so bad)

I was born in 7 months, premature, had anemia, was hospitalized for a long time, did not have enough breast milk, very little, was not breastfed well (which is a disaster).

Very weak health in childhood, appeared sick with deep dark circles and had frequent infections, inflammations, allergies...

I had problem with dairy since there, my mother gave me goat's milk instead of cow milk.

My mother was always super-worried, and she was traumatized by what had already happened, always tried to do what she thought was the best, but she was wrong because she was brainwashed like most people today, so she always insisted on getting me vaccinated and taken to the doctor in any small sign of malaise, I had a "killer" pediatrician in my childhood, who prescribed an antibiotic at every visit, and my infections never improved.

Until I got the first improvement, when a few years later switched the doctor, and I started going to another doctor who was more natural, and avoided any medicine at all, so my body recovered a little so that I could live a few more years without collapsing, my allergies have improved over time.

I always had a sick unnatural lifestyle, i ate for pleasure, addicted for bad food, computer all day, playing games or browsing .. I did not play outside, I always preferred to stay in the room all day, even because i did not fit well socially.

At age 11 I got into a severe depression, and had panic attacks at times, I got really bad, I consulted with a psychologist for a while, but I helped myself, more than she helped me.

I had a little improvement and managed to go on living without getting too bad, I never took any drug. Music helped me the most.

I became more addicted to the computer, more than it already was, more isolated, so I kind of wanted to "kill myself playing", that's when I got some achievements in 2014-2015, I had a moment of fame in a game , I had some "followers and fans" and that made me a bit happy at the time, but I was playing insanely all day.

So for the holidays of 2014-2015, I stayed 2 months without seeing the sky, playing, and that's when I came down again, but this time I went deep, I freaked out at the new year party of 2015, I panicked, I could not sleep, and I woke up 4 a.m trembling and went to take a breath outside.

Part 2:
  • Zombie

Hell started, after the new year 2015, I was 4x worse than what had happened to me earlier in 2011, the list of symptoms

- Suicidal depression
- Bizarre mood change during the day
- Existential crisis
- Strong Anxiety
- Panic Attacks
- Distortion of Reality (Difficulty in recognizing things, objects, etc. Everything looking strange)
- Confused Sense and Great Mental Confusion
- Delusion (a belief that is held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary, these thoughts flooded my head all day long. Usually diagnosed in cases of psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder ..)
- Anger (I only managed to get rid of this anger after taking the gluten and the grains)
- Brutal Fatigue (Chronic Fatigue, no energy 24 hours)
- Loss of Cognitive Ability (Loss of Memory, reasoning speed too slow ..), I could not even read a page from a book, I felt like I was getting dementia.
- Diarrhea
- Abdominal pain and burning in the belly, nausea, sometimes I could not sleep in pain with digestion like I was getting rotten inside and my mind was going crazy at the same time

I was getting worse and worse, dying every day, fast, I was holding on but it was getting more difficult, the struggle for lucidity and sanity was daily, I went to a psychiatrist after much suffering, I recognized that he sucks, I read a lot about these drugs, and I know that I would never improve, so I did not take the drug that he prescribed ( Was an anti-depressant), I promised myself that I would devote the bit of energy I had to look for a solution to heal, eradicate, end this problem and get my mind back, or I would live a decent life, or I would die .

As soon as I began to search intensively for the solution, I began to read and got into things like fasting, the relationship between food and disease, and so I went forward.

Is it food? Of course at that time I was still very ignorant about, and still had many doubts, but I raised a suspicion.

Part 3:

I decided to test start a diet, trying to make some eliminations and see how I feel, first I lower the carbohydrate a little, it was not effective of course, when I started working with food group everything started to work very well, The first major breakthrough, was to cut gluten, is the most destructive, gluten is a drug to me, it literally gets me stoned and totally debilitated, I felt like I was junkie for a long time, when I removed the gluten , I felt myself coming out of the darkness, as many things have gluten that I had not imagined, I ingested gluten by mistake 3 times, I had 3 very strong outbreaks, then I was attentive and rigid with it. Then it was dairy, this was harder, I was addicted to milk, I drank it every day, it was not easy, but then I got it, dairy and gluten are the heaviest, but still a lot was missing, I was still horrible and Very fucked up, so I went forward, removing and testing food, grains, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, etc.

Before I knew exactly what foods were wrong and the difference in symptoms between them, when I wanted to feel better, I simply fasted for hours frequently.

I tried to make a raw vegan diet, I've tried a few times, but this was insanity I felt so bad eating fruit, it was so heavy ( symptoms ), i was hallucinated after the third fruit, and it took me another day to recover. I never wanted to eat significant amount of fruit anymore (which was the safest source for carbohydrate I considered, potatoes / starch were worse for me) and tried to keep consumption as low as possible.

I've been moving more and more towards a Low Carb Paleo diet, and significantly reduced the symptoms.

I tried to get as low carb as possible, but i did not know zero carb, so I kept eating vegetables and 1 or 2 fruits that do not have as much fructose per day

This was a good moment for not being very bad compared to before, my lucidity returned, I felt alive again, and even better than in many years in some ways ( Mentally ), but still had a brutal fatigue and lack of energy and could not live a decent life, and had improved mental symptoms by 70%, not 100%.

I spent all day reading about health and nutrition, leaky gut, parasites, candida, hormones, amino acids, vitamins, foods, cases of people, types of diets, studies, lectures, videos etc. At that time I was focused on "LEAKY GUT "I believed that was the way, since I fit into this syndrome, I had all the dietary sensibilities possible, so I bought supplements, probiotics, glutamine, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and nothing was so effective until I found the site zerocarbzen, gave me the last piece of my puzzle, the vegetables and fruits I ate, I still had to remove it, and then finally I tried, and I was able to clean my mind 100%, that was beautiful, but has many observations, which I will tell in other posts, which is why I'm still very bad physically, I was not successful in my attempt “only meat diet” ( and it was cooked ), at the same time this helped me to end all these symptoms and feel amazing, I had other problems and had to leave the diet.

All Plant Foods + Dairy + Eggs gave me trouble

Even coconut or avocado or coconut oil fats gave trouble and harmed my mind a little, so the perfect thing for me to be 100% clean would be to stay strictly eating fatty meat and organs until I could improve it.

The thing is, the only food that you can not become intolerant, the food lighter and perfect, it is MEAT ( and maybe raw meat, raw animal fat and raw organs the best.)

Fortunately, and surprisingly, after only half a month of zero carb, when I left and went back to the diet a little more open with carbohydrates, many of my symptoms went away, and never came back, with carbohydrates sources like fruits and potatoes, today I can eat it without affecting myself as before, some things I still do not tolerate and do not want to consume even if I could, grains, gluten, casein, etc ... but before if I ate 2 bananas I was going to freak, today I can eat much more and nothing happens. I still have a lot of healing to do. But it is good not to have to struggle more daily without being able to think clearly and see the world in a distorted way. Depression free for months, almost 1 year, free from panic attacks, anxiety, anger and no more major problems, fully controlled currently. Those few zero-carb days healed something in me, and the heavier, insane part was gone.

Of course I shortened the story a lot ( This period lasted 2 years, and everything was kind of slow and a lot happened ) and still have unclear details, which I should post on other topics that it is only on such subject...

Just to tell the story.

And I strongly believe that almost all cases are like this, I get out of a very bad state, if I continued for more time without changing anything and following the path that most of the people follow, I would stop at a psychiatric hospital. I know many others people who have followed this same way, some have managed to triumph in full carnivore ( no plant ), and live well with mental problems being a thing of the past.

It's hard to help people who are sick, all I've tried are totally closed to consider the possibility of this, there is a terrible thing happening to people who are mentally ill, is a nightmare in life, is torture, is heavy, is killing, every day. So I started to change my diet and discover all these things, many people around me at the sight, they started calling me crazy, and offend me. Meanwhile I see increasing numbers of mentally ill people, people dependent on drugs, all going to have sad and miserable endings, with the brain deteriorating, psychiatric drugs are cruelty. before it's too late, start to heal, and move away from this system.
This modern diet makes people less natural, unhealthy and is compatible with this system.

What I think is the most accessible, powerful and most effective healing method, based on what I've read, seen, and done ( and I already bought and used many supplements, "superfoods", spent lots of money with no need, saw a ton of protocolos, and saw cases of many people ):

Dry Fasting
Carnivore Diet / Keto / ZC ( Cleanest meat possible, no plant foods, do not burn the meat )

On that journey I learned how much diet affects our emotions when I was zero carb, I felt different as I never felt maybe, and was much stronger, several of the modern emotional problems, are more in the diet than in other things, I only managed to get rid of the addiction of the computer, after going to such a diet, I changed a lot in that period, I wanted to go out and run and live the reality

And I also had a seborrheic dermatitis of more than 10 years, that disappeared, my skin became clean, my hair became better and more beautiful ... so reflect.

I never sought any exact diagnosis, anyway, all these diseases come from the same source, this stupid medicine creates a list of 1 billion syndromes for mental illness and other diseases, a fucking mess. I have the complete assurance that it will never return in my life.

We really need to fuck this system, because it's making everyone miserable, like Sv3rige said.

I checked and edited to correct some writing errors and add some things, I'm Brazilian and this is not my language, I think it's very clear, any error or doubt, tell me
"Come out of the masses. Stand alone like a lion and live your life according to your own light."

- Osho
03-11-2017, 02:20 AM,
RE: Mental Illness Experience Part 3 ( Final Part )
I read it. I went through very similiar stages.
I'm glad that you found something that works.
You are your own future, you write your own book,
you choose the colors of your world, you choose the patterns of your words,
the past you can't erase so live for today.
After Words - Looking Back

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